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The Blockstart Programme | University of Surrey

The University of Surrey is a partner in the Blockstart Programme that connects SMEs in healthcare, agrofood, logistics and supply chains to expertise in Blockchain technology. Blockchain and distributed ledger technologies (DLT) are rapidly reshaping how society can benefit from digitalisation. Blockchain technology offers great potential for small-to-medium-sized enterprises (SMEs); it can cut costs and […]

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Determining the Value Proposition of Applying Blockchain Technology

By Windesheim and Hogeschool Rotterdam According to the overall setup of the Blockstart consortium, the role of universities is to bring in state of the art knowledge on blockchain and business consulting. So how are Windesheim and Rotterdam contributing? Windesheim and Hogeschool Rotterdam (HR) are Universities of Applied Science. The Professorship of Supply Chain Finance […]

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Current Challenges in the Healthcare System

Blockchain is seen as the silver bullet that can solve any problem in any business. But when we talk about the healthcare sector and see the wasteful spending of more than $1 Trillion, blockchain becomes the silver bullet that can help save a large chunk of that $1T and create a lot of value for the healthcare sector, as well as opportunities for new businesses to capture the market.

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Improving Traceability with Blockchain

The Blockstart Project is on a mission to help small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) in North-West Europe (NWE) confront their challenges with the most effective, efficient solutions blockchain can offer. To guarantee the sustainability of the missions undertaken in the Blockstart Project, Medicen Paris Region took the initiative to organise a webinar on how to improve traceability […]

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Blockchain on the farm: data exchange for a safe supply chain

With funding from the INTERREG Blockstart Project, poultry farmer Nijkamp from Raalte examined whether blockchain technology could provide a solution for reliable data in the poultry industry. He was assisted in this by logistics students from Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences. Robert Nijkamp’s company is based in Raalte: “We are a poultry farm with free-range […]

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Partner Spotlight: ChainPoint

Partner Spotlight: ChainPoint February 26, 2021 Blockstart brings small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and a partner network of experts together to help European SMEs make the most of blockchain technology. SMEs often don’t have access to the R&D and strategic business resources necessary to profit from emerging technologies, such as blockchain. This is where Blockstart’s […]

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Bringing exciting digital solutions to 2021

January 29, 2021 Looking back at 2020 2020 was a good year for going digital. As the pandemic took hold early on, the world had to adjust its plans for the year and find new ways to make progress from a distance. Fortunately for Blockstart, our partners are no strangers to finding digital solutions. We used […]

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Increasing SME competitiveness with Blockchain solutions

December 16, 2020 Blockchain and distributed ledger technologies (DLT) are rapidly re-shaping how society can benefit from digitalisation. Blockchain is one of the newest innovations of our generation. To put it simply, blockchain is for value sharing, what the internet became for information sharing. Today, over 30 billion devices are interconnected within IoT (Internet of […]

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Beyond understanding blockchain: What the SME Training Programme offers

June 17, 2020 Blockstart, as a project, is not just about providing opportunities for businesses to learn about what blockchain technology is, it is also about helping businesses understand how integrating a blockchain solution would change their business, address current business challenges and create new opportunities for growth. The starting point is ensuring that a business […]

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