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The Blockstart Project

Helping SMEs understand and adopt blockchain for their businesses through our free training and support programme

What is Blockchain?

Smaller businesses are often unfamiliar with the many ways in which blockchain could help them secure their business operations. The healthcare, logistics, and agrofood sectors are vital to building a healthy and sustainable future, and their data is too important not to be secure. 

Discover why blockchain is the silver bullet solution with our partner Multitel.

What is Blockstart?

European SMEs face similar hurdles when it comes to digital skills and the adoption of new technologies. Many do not have the resources to invest in research and development. So how can they make the most of blockchain technology? That's where the Blockstart SME Training Programme comes in!
A free training programme to increase awareness of how blockchain impacts your sector and business
Tailored to each participant's needs so you can select from a wide range of training options
Discover the potential impact of blockchain with the support of our network of transnational experts
Blockchain is for everybody
Gain an in-depth understanding of blockchain technology
Get €7500 of business consulting and blockchain courses free
Have confidence that your business and data are secure
Drive your business to the forefront of your sector
Our top SMEs will receive up to €60k worth of additional blockchain solution support.

Who Can Apply?

The Blockstart Project supports businesses in the fields of healthcare, logistics and agrofood, enabling them to use blockchain to increase security and efficiency in their work when it comes to data protection, tracking and invoicing.


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Join Our Free Training Programme

Blockstart understands that blockchain technology can seem daunting at first, so we make it easy for you.

Our experienced partner network combines blockchain and business expertise to support your business and boost your competitive advantage.

The next time you encounter a digital challenge, you can feel confident in having the knowledge and support to overcome it with blockchain.

Get the blockchain support your business needs to reach new heights.

Blockchain technology offers great potential for SMEs; it can cut costs and risks, and assist with a range of challenges, including information sharing, security and integrity. 

However, many SMEs find it difficult to adopt new technologies because the scale of their business is often too small. The Blockstart Programme is designed to change this.

Discover how our consortium of experts transfer knowledge and connect SMEs to expertise in blockchain technology with the University of Surrey.

The SME Roadmap to Blockstart

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