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Advisory Board

We help SMEs in agrofood, healthcare, and logistics explore blockchain for their businesses. Get to know our expert advisors below!

Olivier Rikken

Founder of Emerging Horizons
Olivier Rikken is an expert in Blockchain and founder of Emerging Horizons, a boutique consultancy firm. He gives lectures on Blockchain and smart contracts in addition to advising various Blockchain start ups. Olivier Rikken is an active member of the Dutch Blockchain Coalition.

Sina Salim

Innovation Broker Regions FoodValley & North Veluwe at RCT Gelderland
Sina Salim is a PhD graduate at the Bioprocess Engineering Group of Wageningen University. He advises SMEs on various projects driven by innovation thanks to his extensive experience acquired from academia, government and a business-oriented background.

Sven Nahnsen

Director of Quantitative Biology Centre at University of Tübingen
Sven Nahnsen is a professor in Biomedical Data Science and the director of the Quantitative Biology Center at the University of Tubingen. Sven is an expert in Biotechnology and specialised in Data Science.

Ivan De Lastours

Blockchain/Crypto Lead at Bpifrance
Ivan De Lastours gives transversal support to the French blockchain ecosystem (financing, equity investment, fund investment and internal projects). Moreover, he has already financed more than 120 French blockchain startups and made (directly or indirectly) 15 equity investments including Ledger, Acinq, Soare, Kaiko, Paraswap, Superfluid, Aletheia.ai.

Philippe Ogier

CEO, Co-Founder of Droon
Philippe Ogier is the CEO and Co-founder of Droon, a blockchain solution that allows Industry and Services to implement efficient and ultra-secure blockchain technology for managing assets and their data. He has worked for 15 years at Bombardier and acquired experience as a renowned executive in various fields.

Rémy Ozcan

Rémy Ozcan has been involved in Blockchain projects since 2015 as an active contributor to regulation (EU, France) and standardisation (ISO TC307) applicable to Blockchain and ICOs. He is also a mentor in the Blockchain Hackathon organisation (UK, France and Luxembourg). As a “tokenomics” specialist, Rémy Ozcan provides analysis on token sale (ICO, IEO, BRO, IAO, ILP) and on the global impact of the Blockchain Technology on finance, economic efficiency and society. Graduated from Paris Dauphine University in Finance & Law, he was in charge of finance & legal engineering for the European top Asset Manager, AMUNDI. His enthusiasm over Blockchain technology steems from both the technological, financial & legal aspects.

Denys Bornauw

Co-Founder of WalChain
Denys Bornauw is responsible for the Walloon Blockchain Ecosystem and the co-founder of WalChain, a cluster with all blockchain service providers in Wallonia as well as representatives from the region, universities and technical schools, and research centres. He has acquired skills and experience by managing two SMEs and by working in spin-offs of big companies, corporate, and government bodies.

Jeremy Grandclaudon

Project Manager at Agence du Numerique
Jeremy Grandclaudon is a Project Manager at Agence du Numerique, the official regional agency dealing with all numerical aspects for Wallonia. Beside cybersecurity, Jeremy is also responsible for the coordination of blockchain projects in Wallonia.

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