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How to Acquire Your First B2B Customer: 3 Key Takeaways

By SETsquared Surrey

The Blockstart Programme is designed to help SMEs recognise the potential of blockchain technology. It not only aims to educate SMEs on the technical blockchain aspects but equally intends to aid SMEs take a broader perspective and encourages them to reconfigure their business model to support blockchain adoption. As such, the free training programme hosts several workshops that champion this mission, a prime example being the latest workshop run by SETsquared Surrey.

On 26th October 2021 SETsquared Surrey ran a half-day virtual workshop: “Acquiring your first B2B customer”. The focus of this workshop is to help early-stage SMEs figure out the potential market opportunity for them. This was done via a series of practical exercises based on the framework The Market Opportunity Navigator. This training was offered to SETsquared members and to the Blockstart members.

The workshop emphasised three main points:

1. Clearly articulate the problem your business is solving before pitching the solution

The running theme of this workshop is to ensure that as a founder of a company, you are clear about the problem you are solving, especially when speaking to a prospective client. A client is less interested in your solution and more in how you can solve their problem or ease their headache(s). So, ask yourself questions such as: What problem(s) am I aiming to solve? Whose problems am I solving? Who has the most pain and the most gain if I solve such a problem?

Remember: people do not care about your product; but how your product can solve their problems.

2. Identify the customer value that your solution brings to the business client

Once the problem is identified, think about what value your offering adds to the business client. In B2B settings, cost saving is often the main reason why companies work together. However, there are other value propositions beyond financial reasons that are worth exploring. B2B customer value can range from strengthening brand, offering points of differentiation, helping to retain the right customers, optimising business operations, or increasing staff morale and cohesion. Perhaps, the most important thing for your first B2B customer is to identify a company that shares your vision and values and with whom you can establish a lasting partnership.

3. Target decision makers and influencers within the business you want to work with

Finally, once you have identified a potential B2B partner company, the next step is to speak to key decision-makers and influencers within the business. These might be found using your personal network, by attending seminars and events, or through professional bodies such as Chambers of Commerce. Try to reach a person in the company who experiences directly the problem you are addressing, as this person can then ‘sell’ your solution internally in the organisation.

If you are a Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) in the healthcare, agrofood or logistics sector and are interested in the Blockstart Programme, reach out to us via our contact form or apply directly!

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