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Meet our Blockstarters

We help SMEs in agrofood, healthcare, and logistics explore blockchain for their businesses. 

Get to know some of our Blockstarters below!


Royal Eijkelkamp

Royal Eijkelkamp combines equipment, service, and knowledge to offer integrated turnkey solutions for soil and water research projects around the globe.

With over 110 years of experience in these fields, their team is eager to provide a positive contribution to environmental, economic, and social challenges in a data-driven way.


OpenCommodities is investigating the use of blockchain in the transparency, efficiency, and reliability of their platform OpenDairy.

Their team seeks to explore how blockchain could help, "make the value chain transparent in terms of sustainability and traceability/origin as well."
Nijkamp Pluimvee is a poultry farm based in Raalte, the Netherlands, working to develop a new united database for farmers.

Their team is looking forward to exploring, "bright insights of blockchain and discovering if it is the key to data exchange in the poultry chain."


DataCrest is about connecting agro-businesses with frontier technology and synergy with other sectors in the value-chain. 

Eager to explore new technologies, the team, "envisages that Blockstart will open a vista of opportunities and dimensions to grow our business."

Simplex CleanTech

Simplex CleanTech Ltd. is a UK based Eco/Agritech engineering company offering an integrated farming system that provides an innovative solution to address farming in remote/off-grid locations.

The team is eager to, "expand our technological and business expertise as we branch out to new markets."

Polymetis Technologies

Polymetis Technologies focuses on digitally mapping events related to agrofood. 

Their team feels that, "Joining Blockstart will help us understand if the blockchain technology is the most appropriate solution to the possible mistrust between agrofood companies and customers when it comes to billing them hours for the time spent on the road."


Farmvent is a vertical farming module that lets you grow sustainable greens affordably, whenever and wherever. 

Their team seeks to explore, "a blockchain-based traceability system to make plants' life cycles fully transparent from seed to harvest."


PlantWizard is an innovative tool that helps clients find their ideal plant in a quick and dynamic way.

The team of plant lovers and tech enthusiasts wants to explore blockchain's potential, "to revolutionise the plant supply chain, making it more transparent for producers, sellers and resellers."



DrData acts as a trusted third party in health data protection and valorisation. Thanks to its niche expertise as Data Protection Officer and its smart contract-based solution ISALID to manage patient’s rights to empower health data, DRDATA aims to become the leader in privacy & ethics Tech in the health sector.

Based in Paris, the team seeks to, "learn about different countries' needs and collaborate with other SMEs to share expertise and experience."


Consultdoc aims to create the digital space and platform that provides the first point of call for everyone to easily access primary care service.

The team, "hopes to benefit immensely from this programme in terms of new business models and markets, growing the company, and expanding their network."

Privacy Direct

Privacy Direct is a young, dynamic privacy consultancy that helps companies comply with strict data privacy rules.

Their team seeks to explore, "smart contracts and documents for easing working processes and documents and policies for our clients and their end users."

ADLIN Science

ADLIN Science helps laboratories and researchers manage all their omics data in order to capture their scientific and economic value and thus promote the development of precision medicine. 

Their team looks forward to, "broadening our understanding of the state-of-the-art in blockchain and assessing if existing solutions can apply to our use case."

Logistics & Other


OpenSky provides innovative custom IT solutions in health, transport, environment, retail, and public sectors.

Headquartered in Ireland, their team is eager to, "expand expertise in blockchain and gain exposure to existing blockchain-based solutions."


Ceilán is a nature-to-body skincare brand, bringing folk knowledge and age-old remedies into modern-day skincare. 

Their team seeks to explore blockchain for tracking and transparency to, "ensure that what we say is in the bottle, is actually in the bottle."


MCLedger is an expert in delivering green SaaS platforms combining technical expertise with a deep knowledge of the Supply Chain providing efficient, economical and sustainable digital transformation solutions for multimodal transport that help businesses succeed with their goals of more efficient transport of goods and reduction of CO2.

As a “small company with big ideas” our team aims to explore blockchain as a catalyst for bringing the potential of lower carbon emissions to other companies and countries.

Madeby_ by Mayamiko

Madeby_ by Mayamiko is a platform that matches shoppers and brands based on their styles and moral values.

Their team is “interested in exploring how blockchain can help validate and track claims and supply chain information, so consumers can easily know who to trust."
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