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Multitel is a research and innovation centre that offers services to companies and develops new technological concepts in the following fields: signal & embedded systems, network engineering, applied photonics and artificial intelligence.

One of the assets of Multitel is its multidisciplinary and complementary skills of its about seventy employees that stimulate the innovation in Wallonia and worldwide.

The mission of Multitel consists in helping companies to integrate effectively new technologies in their products, processes, and services, in order to improve their competitiveness and to reach a sustainable economic prosperity. Furthermore, Multitel develops and integrates emerging technologies into the industrial fabric at international levels to help companies to take up technological challenges.


In the blockchain field, Multitel helps companies to identify and to develop the most accurate blockchain technical solution for company need. This goes for a first analysis of the pertinence of the technology and the design of a proof of concept, to consulting and support for a real use-case implementation.


Multitel propose three workshops for teams with different backgrounds:  

  • An introduction to the different Blockchain technologies: This course is dedicated to a non-developer audience: SME CEO, technical management (e.g. logistics) without deep Blockchain knowledge. 
  • Blockchain detailed technical introduction: Presentation of how blockchain can be used in different scenarios (logistics, Agrofood & medical). Technical level will be achieved to allow the participants to check the technical (and economic) feasibility of their project covering aspects such as Blockchain technology selection, needed infrastructure, ROI.
  • Multitel / Introduction to Blockchain use for IoT applications: Understanding fundamentals of the Ethereum blockchain and Solidity language / Code a Smart Contract with the right standards


From a half-day online webinar to 2 days on premises course


None to advanced, depending on the chosen training

Target Group

SMEs in the agrofood, logistics or medical sector
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