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Kapalt is a consulting company specialising in skills transfer, development and implementation of Blockchain technology. This technology offers very diverse fields of applications (notarisation, proof of process, workflow traceability, operational efficiency, supplier and distributor relationships, new partnerships or services, etc.) and market offers evolving rapidly, many organisations express the need to be supported to understand, assess, design and exploit such technology potential. We offer companies to support them on their Blockchain initiatives (training, exploratory phase, study of opportunity/assessment and development) in order to support projects based on concrete business issues and measurable ROI.


Kapalt works with companies of different sizes, especially in the banking, insurance, retail, transport, manufacturing and health sectors.


Ideation workshop

• A focus on business issues prior to any technological choice (Data governance, ecosystem study, strategy …).
• An ambition to provide an "end-to-end" response from the idea to operational production
• A desire to integrate any blockchain initiative into a broader reflection of digital transformation
• An agnostic technical approach through operational knowledge of the main current
framework: Ethereum (Quorum & Hyperledger Besu), Hyperledger Fabric, EOS, Tendermint, etc.


From 1 to 4 days


No prerequisite – some understanding of Blockchain basics

Target Group

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