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SETsquared is the world’s Number 1. University-led business incubation programme. SETsquared Surrey supports over 60 fast-growth startup businesses at our location in Guildford. Our Enterprise Experts and Entrepreneurs in Residence deliver training and advice to businesses leaders about go-to-market, investment and innovation strategy.


Workshop training and one-to-one advice about business model innovation, commercial strategy and value proposition development. Focused on technology-led products and services.


A mix of half-day and multi-day workshops with 1:1 advice.


2-hour commercial strategy consultations, 4-hour value proposition workshops, 3-day business model innovation workshops


No prior knowledge of blockchain at a technical level is needed to participate in these workshops.

Target Group

SME leaders who need to develop or adapt their business model and commercial strategy to the opportunities presented by blockchain technologies.
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