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Hogeschool Windesheim is a Dutch University of Applied Science, located in Zwolle. Windesheim’s Supply Chain Finance research group is one of the leading research groups (on this topic) in the world. Emerging technologies play an important role in new finance models being explored and tested in global supply chains. Gradually, the research group’s expertise is broadened towards data sharing adoption and implementation in supply chains, and we consider data as a very valuable asset in modern supply chains.


Determining the value proposition of adopting blockchain technology within your network, by conducting in-depth interviews with your stakeholders, carrying out costs-benefits analysis in order to provide a clear level of feasibility of the use case in the context of your company.


Our researcher, with the support of a group of highly motivated top notch students, will conduct an in depth investigation of one potential use case for adoption of blockchain in your supply chain, including costs / benefit analysis and testing ideas with suppliers or partners. Different modern models and analysis techniques will be used to determine the level of feasibility of the use case in the context of your company.


The duration of the feasibility study is 2-4 months.


A basic understanding of blockchain technology and its features is recommended, as well as a basic understanding of its impact on your business model.

Target Group

SME’s who wants to better understand the potential use of the technology and its benefits, costs and feasibility in their network.
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