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Food Insights

FoodInsights helps food companies to tell the story of their supply chain with databased storytelling, finance and optimise their supply chain. Datahubs & -platforms and applications create the connections between the dots and make the data work. Our clients love their data and like to share it and that is the reason why most oft hem prefer blockchain technology as a part of their solution. FoodInsights is still young company with industry veterans in Food & Agri & IT based in Den Bosch, the Netherlands.


blockchain technology, data platforms, databased storytelling.


Training in improving supply chains by using blockhaintechnology.


4 hours


1. Beginners: prior knowledge of food supply chains. 1. Advanced: knowledge of food supply chains and basics of blockchain technology.

Target Group

SMEs in food that like to tell the story of their supply chain or optimise it and deal with a multi-tier supply chain.
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