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DEROULEZ AVOCAT specialises in information law and personal data protection law. Backed by recognised expertise, DEROULEZ AVOCAT has been assisting its clients for several years in a complex legislative and regulatory context to ensure their compliance with the GDPR, as well as supervise and secure their use of personal data or to help them develop innovative projects. DEROULEZ AVOCAT also supports its clients in developing all their data-related projects (OPEN DATA, BIG DATA), in data governance and management, as well as the more specific questions related to their compliance with the GDPR. With offices in Paris and Brussels, the law firm provides consulting and litigation services in France and abroad. The law firm works in both French and English.


Blockchain: Personal Data; GDPR Compliance, Outsourced DPO


BLOCKCHAIN COMPLIANCE provides an indispensable security and a 360- degree vision that translates into transversal advice (governance, contracts, IP / IT, RGPD, public relations) on all the topics of French and European law.

  • Blockchain, GDPR and e-health: Key concepts of GDPR in a blockchain perspective (controller and processor, security of data, information and transparency, international transfers…).Added value (anonymisation and pseudonymisation, confidentiality, transparency, consent management, data security, digital identity, e-health and blockchain). Specific use-cases related to blockchain and data protection
  • Blockchain and clinical trials: Key concepts of blockchain and clinical trials (consent management, transparency, multi-stakeholders strategy, confidentiality requirements, trust issue, data security)


From 1 to 3 days


No prerequisite – some understanding of Blockchain basics

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