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Blockchain Partner

Blockchain Partner - a leading French company developing blockchain & crypto-assets projects since 2015 - offers multidimensional project developments in various sectors. From executive committees strategic guidance to expert training & technical developments, we perform pedagogical and pragmatic interventions, tailor-made for our client. With our unique methodology, we enable you to identify the best blockchain use cases for your company and then provide the right support to develop your project.


Identifying and developing the most accurate blockchain business cases for a company. We work side by side with our client in order to best address their needs.


Three workshops for teams with different backgrounds:

  • Blockchain Knowledge: How does blockchain work / What are its key points / Introduction of iconic blockchain use cases in the health industry / How to consider & analyse a blockchain use case / How to conduct a blockchain project
  • Brainstorming and Curation: Unique methodology for a company that wishes to identify the best business cases for its activity.
  • Technical Aspects: Understanding fundamentals of the Ethereum blockchain and Solidity language / Code a Smart Contract with the right standards


From 1 to 2 days



Target Group

SMEs in the health industry & insurance companies
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