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At 23 Consulting we take healthcare organisations on a journey to understanding the potential of blockchain and anticipate its impact. 23 Consulting is a leader in blockchain consulting for the healthcare industry. As healthcare professionals, our consultants understand the specificities of the sector. Our healthcare and IT experts drive the digital revolution in healthcare. We believe that transparent and decentralised solutions can create patient-centric and trustworthy healthcare environments.


Our ambition is to give you all the tools to rapidly understand blockchain technology and define an informed strategy.


From education to implementation

Education: We offer in-company or remote training sessions to support you in understanding the potential of blockchain technology. All our sessions are personalised in order to fit your needs and future projects.

Research: Our team of experts runs industry research to provide you with the latest analysis that can support you in making decisions for your business.

Ideation, experimentation, implementation: We analyse your needs, your company and your environment and give you the tools to successfully implement your blockchain project. We walk you through every step of the process, from building the use case to developing the solution.


From 1 to 3 days


No prerequisite – some understanding of Blockchain basics

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