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Webinar: Blockchain in Logistics and the Supply Chain

July 24 2020 1:00 pm  -  July 24 2020 2:00 pm

To increase awareness and understanding of how blockchain technologies will impact your sector and business, the Blockstart partners launched a free training programme for SMEs in the healthcare, agrofood, logistic and supply chain sectors.

This webinar provides an overview of current trends in blockchain technology in logistics and supply chain sectors. In addition, we share the common challenges we identified during interviews with companies in logistics and talk about the potential products or services blockchain technology could unlock.

What you will learn:

  • Why blockchain is different from other technologies that have been applied before to logistical and supply chain challenges.
  • How blockchain is in a strong position to address logistical and supply chain challenges, including data integrity and security, and data transparency possibilities.
  • The key challenges supply chains still face and how blockchain can help transform challenges into opportunities.


Geoff Taylor is a senior software engineer at ChainPoint, specialised in developing solutions that implement digital Chain of Custody models. Geoff has a strong interest in utilising modern and emerging technologies, such as blockchain, to increase collaboration in supply chains whilst reducing cost and risk.

Luca Gelsomino is a senior researcher at Windesheim University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands, as well as the Academic Director of the Supply Chain Finance Community. As such, he takes care of the relationship of the Community with Universities around the globe, as well as other academic partners. Luca got a PhD in SCF from Politecnico di Milano (Italy) in 2016, where he was also the director of the permanent SCF research initiative of the School of Management, the “Osservatorio Supply Chain Finance”. He authored scientific publications on the topic of SCF. His current research interest involves the integration of logistics and finance across supply chains, specifically focused on the role of innovative information technologies.

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