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Training: Blockchain Opportunities Identification

October 18 2021 9:00 am  -  October 19 2021 5:00 pm

This event is only for Blockstart SMEs

Hosted by Medicen Paris Region

About this event

This training is designed for SMEs working in any sector from healthcare industry to agrofood or logistics/supply chain and curious about the use of blockchain technology.

What’s your training about ?

Blockchain opportunities identification

Part 1 - Blockchain Key Concepts (reminder)

Part 2 - Business Issue(s) Identification

Part 3 - Business Value Qualification

Benchmark over 2 to 4 business issues:

- Blockchain fit

- Business Network and Dynamics

- Technical Feasibility


Kapalt offers you two virtual workshops:

o 1st session:

- PART 1: 18th of October 9:00 – 12:00

- PART 2: 19th of October all day (7 hours)

o 2nd session:

- PART 1: 30th of November all day (7 hours) 9:00-12:30 - 14:00-17:30

- PART 2: 2nd of December 9:00 – 12:00


The Blockstart Programme participants can receive a funded place on this workshop as part of their Business Support Voucher, funded by Interreg North West Europe.

Training Provider

Kapalt is a consulting company specialising in skills transfer, development and implementation of Blockchain technology.

This technology offers very diverse fields of applications (notarisation, proof of process, workflow traceability, operational efficiency, supplier and distributor relationships, new partnerships or services, etc.) and market offers evolving rapidly, many organisations express the need to be supported to understand, assess, design and exploit such technology potential.

Kapalt offers companies to support them on their Blockchain initiatives (training, exploratory phase, study of opportunity/assessment and development) in order to support projects based on concrete business issues and measurable ROI.

This limited-availability training is only for Blockstart SMEs. Not yet part of the programme? Apply today to book your spot!

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